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Supplier of laser cleaning solutions for Anilox rollers

Laserclean is an innovative en forward looking company. We have specialised in laser cleaning since 1994 and in 2003 we have chosen to focus entirely on cleaning of ceramic (Anilox) rollers used in cardboard-, flexo-, label-, and offset printing industry.

Through our long-time experience we are comfortable with all circumstances and demands facing this industry. We practise what we preach: we design, produce en use all laser machines ourselves. We succesfuly deploy the knowledge and insights we gain in the field to deliver the best, fastest, lightest, and most user friendly solutions.

Laser cleaning is being offered throughout Europe with our service truck(s). Additionally, customers can ship their rollers for cleaning to our premises in Alphen aan den Rijn (NL).

Sales of our laser units is global, and in some countries, including Japan and South-Korea, Laserclean is represented by exclusive trade agent. We are present at international exhibitions such as DRUPA and SUPERCORR EXPO as world’s only producer of mobile laser units, the ALCS 2500, and producent of  static laser cleaning machines: the ALCS series S.

Our philosophy is to empathise with our customers, understand their needs, and to acknowledge that no situation is ever the same. Therefore, we act as flexible as we can and stick to agreements made.

Our team

Martin de Wit is Laserclean’s founder and owner. His amazing knowledge and field experience in laser cleaning, combined with worldwide acceptance of laser cleaning as prefered cleaning method for ceramic rollers, has resulted in rapid company growth in the last years. His passion and ambition drives Martin to work for a future in which printing companies, supported by his machines, are enabled to clean their rollers ever faster, better and cheaper.
Lennart Duijvelaar works as Business Developer for Laserclean. His long term experience in international business, investment and management helps Laserclean to realise its ambition of selling more laser units globally, to enlarge the international network of service providers and to grow Laserclean’s proprietary service network in Europe.
Ric Blokker is service technician. His allround technical skills and drive to perfectly execute each and every service job help build Laserclean’s fast growing base of content international customers.