What are advantages of laser cleaning compared to other cleaning methods?2016-10-14T10:25:14+02:00

Laser cleaning is the only cleaning method which truly does deep cleaning. All other methods just remove part of the dirt. Also, polution on rollers consists of pigments and polymers. Most methods do remove pigments but they do not remove polymers. Polymers can only be removed by vaporation (by burning the dirt). This is exactly what the laser achieves: it burns the dirt. After laser cleaning the surface tension of the roller is restored to its maximum and functions like a new roller.

Is it possible to use the roller directly after cleaning?2016-10-14T10:20:14+02:00

Laser cleaning does not need after treatment. The roller can be used immidiately after laser cleaning. Parts such as chain wheels and bearings do not need to be removed before cleaning.

How long does it take to clean a 250 cm roller?2016-10-14T10:18:01+02:00

A roller of this length is being cleaned in a bit over an hour. A very heavily poluted roller would need a second treatment costing again the same amount of time. Such heavy polution can be prevented by regular periodic cleaning, e.g. two times per year.

What about polution during the laser cleaning process?2016-10-14T10:14:29+02:00

Vaporating dirt from the roller by laser is comparable to the smoke from a cigarette. This smoke can be easily suctioned and collected in a filter. Each roller produces just a few grams of dirt. Because no other dirt is created, no water and other substances are needed, laser cleaning is by far the most environmental friendly cleaning method.

For which companies is laser cleaning the best solution? And how often should laser cleaning be done?2016-10-14T09:51:47+02:00

The cleaning of Anilox and chromium rollers with laser is being done in cardboard-, label-, flexo-, and offset printing companies. Customers choose laser cleaning to obtain and keep the highest quality printing. Additional benefit is the fact that rollers do not need to be removed from the printing press. In the cardboard industry this is a major advantage.

Daily cleaning is mostly performed with chemicals, however this does not prevent for the accumulation of dirt in the roller surface. After a period of time the color density will be drastically reduced. Hence periodic deep cleaning is a necessity. Depending on the sort of polution (ink, polymers, etc.) and intensity of use, laser cleaning is recommended two to three times a year. This guarantees to keep the highest printing quality.

What is the difference between off-line and in-line (or on-line) cleaning?2016-10-14T11:39:58+02:00

Off-line means to clean the roller outside the printing press on a special table or in a special machine. Laserclean developed the ALCS 2500S, a static machine which is being used for off-line cleaning in professional printing companies. Also, in our service truck we offer offline cleaning.

In-line (or sometimes refered to as on-line) means that the roller remains build in the printing press. Time consuming and difficult removal of rollers is not needed. For cleaning the press needs to rotate the roller and the laser gun connected to a mobile laser unit (ALCS 2500) moves on a special fixed rail parallel to the roller until the roller is clean.

Off-line cleaning is suitable for firms that can easily remove rollers or possess sufficient rollers. Collecting dirty rollers provides for a cost saving because more rollers can be cleaned in an easier way in our service truck or static machine.

In-line cleaning is the perfect method for large printing presses which do not allow for easy removal of the rollers. Some of the largest machines can even continue to operate while rollers are being cleaned one by one, reducing downtime to zero.

Is Laserclean globally active?2016-10-14T09:30:55+02:00

As a producent Laserclean sells machines worldwide. In some countries, like Japan and South-Korea, an exclusive trade agent represents Laserclean which helps customers to visit and communicate about the products locally. Certainly you can always contact Laserclean for more information.

As a service provider Laserclean is active in Europe. Our own service truck(s) clean rollers at your premises or you can send your rollers to Alphen aan den Rijn (The Netherlands) for cleaning.

Why is laser cleaning the best cleaning method for Anilox rollers?2016-10-14T09:24:46+02:00

Several cleaning methods are in use today, including chemicals, ultrasonic, and socium bicarbonate (baking soda). Each of these methods has its specific disadvantages: chemicals are harmful for people and planet, ultrasonic may damage the roller, and baking soda brings a moderate cleaning result in the best scenario. Traditional methods do not deliver a 100% cleaned roller, certainly not if rollers are poluted by polymers.

Laser cleaning has no disadvantages, does not use water or granulates, no chemicals, and always deliveres the best cleaning result. Only laser cleaning restores the surface tension of rollers, which allows for use of original ink receipe and hence the best printing quality against lowest ink use. Laser cleaning is also the most environnement friendly method.

Although laser cleaning exists for many years, it is only since the last years that it became the recognised preferred method of cleaning, especially because Laserclean developed a light, fast, and user friendly laser machine (ALCS 2500).

How do I get in contact with Laserclean?2016-10-14T09:13:57+02:00

Telephone number: 0031 172 477762

Email: info@laserclean.nl

Is laser cleaning safe for my rollers?2016-10-14T09:12:52+02:00

Laserclean machines are 100% safe for your rollers. Unfortunately, some laser equipment manufacturers have sold machines which can result in damage of the roller surface. The newest generation Laserclean machines made laser cleaning faster, easier, more effective and 100% safe for the surfaces being cleaned. The energy provided by the laser beam is strong enough to vaporate the dirt but too weak to damage the roller surface. Even smallest cells are deeply and completely cleaned. Guaranteed.

Is laser cleaning suitable for all rollers?2016-10-14T11:39:58+02:00

Laser cleaning is suitable for ceramic rollers (Anilox) and for rollers with a chromium surface. Other surfaces may get damaged by laser light which is why Laserclean specifically focusses on and developed her machines and services for ceramic and chromium rollers.

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