Based on years of experience Laserclean developed a new generation of laser cleaning equipment. These machines are excellent for use in the cardboard industry where rollers are large and heavy. For example, the mobile laser unit ALCS 2500 provides for easy in-line cleaning. Alternatively, in house laser cleaning can be done with the fast and easy-to-use ALCS 2500 S static machine. Chain wheels and bearings do not need to be removed. Also in flexo-, lable- and offset printing many customers rely on in-line and off-line cleaning with Laserclean machines.

ALCS 2500 – Inline laser cleaning solution

The ALCS 2500 is our State of the Art on-press laser cleaning system for superior cleaning of anilox rollers and sleeves. This machine is specially designed for commercial cleaning service providers and professional printing companies that use very large rollers.

ALCS 2500 S – Offline laser cleaning solution

The ALCS 2500 – S is our brand new off-press laser cleaning system for superior cleaning of anilox rollers and sleeves. Our innovative build-in laser technology uses laser light that quickly removes all types of dirt and residues such as inks and coatings. This machine is designed for professional printing companies that wish for in-house laser cleaning.

Rasterwalsen reiniging met laser

JNL 2200 – Offline laser reiniging oplossing

De JNL 2200 is onze gloednieuwe off-line laser reiniging machine voor het allerbeste statische reinigingsresultaat van keramische walsen en sleeves. Deze innovatieve machine met ingebouwde laser technologie is geschikt voor keramische walsen tot 4 meter lang en 800 kg zwaar, en hiermee bij uitstek geschikt voor iedere professionele drukkerij die zelf laser reiniging wil toepassen.