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ALCS 2100 S – Offline laser cleaning system for sleeves

Excellent laser cleaning for sleeves 

Laserclean developes, produces and sells state-of-the-art machines for laser cleaning of Anilox rollers. The ALCS 2100 S is an economic static laser cleaning machine for sleeves and smaller rollers.  This innovative machine is suitable for rollers of up to 2.10 meters and 50 kg, and offers a cleaning speed of around 2,5 meter per hour. It’s user friendliness is exceptional; in fact this machine works like a dish washer for Anilox rollers, but without the need for water, tablet or salt.

Technical specifications and application  

The static laser cleaning machine ALCS 2100 S results from many years of experience and product development. This machine is designed for professional printing companies that wish to operate in-house laser cleaning.  Owning an ALCS 2100 S reduces the use of chemicals and ink because frequent cleaning (also daily cleaning) is easy and economic. Simultaneously, printing quality always remains at the highest level as rollers and sleeves are functioning like new. Purchasing an ALCS 2100 S is an investment in the highest quality printing and efficient cleaning of your Anilox rollers.

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